Lite Microsystems
Based in Bucharest, Romania

Release date:
4th October 2017

PC, Mac, Linux


Unity 3D

Available From:
$9.99 - Steam

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CompliKATed is a 2D puzzle with logic gates. Rewire the computer from inside using binary operations to escape and uncover its secrets. You are playing as Julius, a bipedal fox trapped in an allegorical computer. Upload logic gates instructions. Avoid getting trapped by gravity balls. Manipulate binary inputs and outputs using miniaturised components (signal generators, timers, delays, sensors, terminals,etc). Avoid lurking viruses and over-zealous anti-malware, disable high voltage area and set free cute programs and routines.


When Boulder Dash was released it further inspired other ’90’s titles such as: Repton, Rocks’n Diamonds, Supaplex, Emerald Mines. Each game added their contribution and unique touch to the precursor: opposite environments (from mines to computer), new components (keys, locks, explosives), distinct protagonists. We are 4 people (3 family members and their dungeon master) and when we don’t work as software developers, we partake in the rock-and-diamond legacy with our unique touch: circuits and logic gates.


  • brain twisting logic gates puzzles
  • witty gravity objects
  • high replayability
  • ramping progression that will put even the most resilient to test
  • clogic gates and “rock-and-diamonds” fluently intertwined
  • 19 functional tiles: signal generators, sensor, timer, directional tiles, etc
  • controller support
  • play against the clock or at your own pace


Each 65536 ticks Julius sends Kate a packet. After 256 ticks Kate sends back to Julius an ACK and a beautiful packet cookie. This happened for millions and millions of ticks. Although Kate and Julius never met each other they were happy. One day, Kate didn’t respond. Julius waited another 256 ticks. And another. And another, actually he looped the wait routine several hundred times, he didn’t receive the ACK. Julius decided to search for Kate and that’s how this story starts.

Planned development

  • game editor
  • multi-language
  • challenge mode


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Gameplay YouTube

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About Lite Microsystems

Lite Microsystems is software company, founded in 2002. The small, but agile team takes pride in their proprietary web engine, Liteweb. Their first public game project is CompliKATed.

CompliKATed team

Liviu Marinescu
Programming, game design, sounds

Andreea Marinescu
PR, level design, testing

Alin Maniosu
Graphics, Level design

Ioana Sima

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