CompliKATed has been greenlit. Thank you all for kind support.
We are rushing towards release.
If you like our game please follow us on Steam

CompliKATed is still under development. We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we have news about publishing it. We intended to develop this game for PC users, Windows, OSX and Linux.
Meanwhile, give us Greenlight support please.
That’s the trickiest question for all game developers and we’ll try to give you our best answer. We truly hope we will be done in a couple of months, not more than half a year. Although, we might not keep up to this estimated deadline as we are only three people and we do this game in our spare time.
Unity 3d. We’ve been using Unity since its beginnings, for various projects, and we’ve become quite accustomed with it.
Not at this moment, we’ll do the best we can to provide a game demo.
No, it’s not a browser game, you’ll have to download and install it.
The game isn’t published yet, but we intend to sell it for a minimum confortable price for all users.